Whilst only established in 2014, Trident Debt Capital Advisors has already completed numerous assignments and has received significant praise from our clients and financial institutions alike.

Below are some examples of our firm’s positive feedback:

“We have found Trident DCA’s advice and process management invaluable in helping us source and benchmark debt funding across our portfolio companies. Having previously worked in leverage finance with a major institutional bank, he is uniquely placed to navigate the approval process so that we can raise debt as efficiently as possible”

Managing Director, mid-market Private Equity firm

“We engaged Trident DCA to help us source debt to fund a very time-sensitive acquisition strategy. Since we needed to fully focus on commercial issues arising from due diligence, James was tasked with running the entire debt raising process from the initial approach to lenders through to final documentation and settlement. The result that was achieved significantly exceeded our expectations and, were it not for Trident DCA’s relationships with the various stakeholders, we would not have achieved our ambitious timetable upon the terms which we did”

Chief Financial Officer, leading healthcare company

“We were approached by Trident DCA to fund a transaction and our ability to achieve credit approval was a direct result of his skill intermediating the negotiations and providing our risk management team with the requisite comfort. Throughout the process, Trident DCA was particularly forthright and honest in his dealings with the bank and we would certainly welcome the opportunity to work together again on future transactions”

Division Director, Australian-headquartered investment bank

“We are experts in the business of customer communications – not raising debt – so we sought to engage a third party that could help us increase the efficiency of our balance sheet. Trident DCA presented us with unique funding solutions that we would not have otherwise explored and he procured term sheets for various sources of funding so we could assess all the different options. It would not have been an efficient use of our time had we attempted to do it ourselves”

Board member, leading customer communications business

In confidence, we would be happy to provide you with further detail of our assignments completed to date or refer you to our partners to learn first hand how we added value to their business.