About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the provider of choice for corporates and private equity investors seeking to raise new or refinance existing debt.

We achieve this by embedding ourselves within our clients’ business to better understand the key commercial drivers and lead the engagement with existing and prospective financiers.

We partner with our clients so they can confidently refer all aspects of their banking relationships to Trident DCA.


Credit Analysis & Debt Structuring

Our expertise centres on core credit analysis, debt structuring and execution skills. We are ex-bankers with significant experience sourcing credit facilities for businesses across a wide-variety of industries, which makes us uniquely placed to help borrowers deal with their financiers.

We specialise in structuring, pricing and negotiating debt capital transactions across the full spectrum of financing products, including loans (bilateral, club and syndicated), receivables finance, asset finance, securitisation, bonds and other sources of senior, subordinated or mezzanine finance.


We have a passion for business and seek to better understand the operational and strategic drivers of our clients so that we can lead the engagement with their financial service providers.

Whilst our offices are based in the Sydney CBD, there are occasions where we have found being based out of our clients’ premises allows us to work more efficiently with management, helping us get across the detail so we better understand the key business drivers.

Process Management

We understand that when running a business or managing a portfolio of investments, one of the most valuable resources is time.

We therefore provide more than simply advice – we specialise in managing the end-to-end process of any transaction.


James De Flumeri


Trident DCA was founded and is led by James De Flumeri.

James is an experienced banking executive having held senior roles across various debt capital market and corporate & institutional banking disciplines.

He has in-depth experience leading the origination and execution of debt capital transactions, specifically private equity and corporate acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and management buyouts. He is also highly experienced in securitisation, asset finance, and other structured financings.

This provides Trident DCA with unique insight into the way in which lenders think and how to access the right people within these organisations.

After over a decade of experience working in debt capital markets, James identified the need to assist corporate and private equity borrowers with their funding requirements at a more hands-on level and set about establishing Trident DCA.

Travis Drape


Travis has extensive banking, advisory and investment experience across debt capital markets and funds management. He specialises in corporate, acquisition and leveraged finance transactions and advises clients on multiple debt structures across a broad range of sectors.

He has extensive networks and long-term relationships across the debt capital markets and utilises these to deliver superior results to clients looking to optimise the structure of their debt facilities.

Our Values

Our values centre on three core principles that are key to how we do business, how we attract talent, and how we build relationships with our clients and financiers.


We pride ourselves on being truly independent. In this regard, we differentiate ourselves from many of our competitors because we avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest that may arise where one party is acting in both an advisory and sales capacity.


We are trusted advisors to our clients so the integrity with which we deal with their financial services providers is paramount.

Banking relationships are built on trust and we help foster this by being transparent, dealing honestly and ethically, and being consistent across all the parties with whom we transact.

When undertaking engagements or negotiating transactions, we understand that the relationship with financial services providers is a strategically important one. We therefore do not believe in “short-term wins” that puts these longer-term relationships at risk.


We understand that the confidentiality of information is of utmost importance. We treat the information provided to us by our clients as privileged and as if it was in relation to our own business.

Furthermore, if an engagement relates to a merger or acquisition where price or commercially sensitive information is involved, the structure of our firm ensures that information is kept strictly confidential.